What the flip is Double D?


Simple answer: “Double D is a comic written by Eddie Argos of top classic rock band Art Brut with art by Steven Horry.”

Christmas before last. I am drunk at the Nuis@nce Christmas Party. It is ace. Eddie is also drunk. I think. I dunno, it’s all a bit hazy. “WE SHOULD DO A COMIC!” I declare.

Fast forward a bit. Eddie and I started bouncing around the ideas for what would become Double D at the tail end of the Spring last year. Basically, we’d email each other at random times of night in various states of excitement (not like that) with ridiculous ideas that eventually got boiled down to A Plan. Having A Plan is a good thing. That’s not to say either of us is particularly amazing at writing plans, but it’s nice to have a rough idea of where your story is going. Eddie wrote a script, and I did some drawing. And then we sat on it for months, showing a few friends and random acquaintances and blathering enthusiastically about it.

And then we sat on it for a few more months.

And then we published some pages in webcomic stylee.

And then we sent it to some people.  And one of those people agreed to publish it. We’re not entirely sure whether we can tell you who yet though. We’re fairly sure there’ll be some announcement-y type thing, but for now, shh. Don’t tell anyone. It’s coming. We’re very proud of it. We’ve now got an amazing team including a hip young chap named David Cooper on colour art and King of Lettering Colin Bell, um, lettering. And we are awfully excited.

This site is a work in progress, by the by.